Information and stats on Kicker Subwoofers
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So, you have decided to get a Kicker subwoofer. You have, without a doubt, made an excellent decision because Kickers are among the best subwoofers you can find on the market. However, you will need an enclosure to accommodate that monster you want to buy. The importance of the right subwoofer enclosure cannot be emphasized … Read more

Kicker subwoofers, manufactured by the Oklahoma-based company Stillwater Designs are a perfect choice if you are after high quality bass for your car. Kicker subwoofers models are not only famous for their unique design which makes an instant impression but they are also the top of the top when it comes to quality and performance. … Read more

So, you are interested in Kicker 12 inch subwoofers. You obviously know what it means to have a Kicker subwoofer. After all, Kicker beats many big names when it comes to bass and sound quality. All nine Kicker subwoofers models are available in 12 inch size which means that you will easily find one that … Read more

Many people are proponents of larger subwoofers, however, the size itself does not play as much role as you may think. Not that it is not important but most 10 inch subwoofers have enough power to reproduce that pulsating beat. However, it is highly important to pay attention to quality too because a single quality … Read more

A quality 8 inch subwoofer can be more powerful than some 12 inch subwoofers. Do not believe it? Let’s take for example the Kicker 8 inch Solo-Baric L7 and the 12 inch Comp. The 8 inch Solo-Baric L7 model can handle 900 watts peak and 450 watts RMS, while the 12 inch Comp can handle “only “ 300 watts peak and 150 watts RMS. Read more

An average human can hear in a frequency range between 20 and 20,000Hz. However, since most car receivers have difficulties reproducing low frequency sounds, a subwoofer should be added to the audio system in order to obtain that low frequency sounds. This makes a subwoofer the key component of every car audio system because low frequency sounds give that deep, high quality bass which elevates the car audio experience to a higher level. As you see, the size is not everything even when it comes to subwoofers. Read more

A quality subwoofer is the key component of every car audio system and for that reason it should be selected very carefully. There are several factors that should be paid attention to when choosing a perfect subwoofer for your vehicle even if you stick to reputed brands. The RMS (root mean square) rating is the number one factor that should be considered in the selection of a subwoofer because it is crucial for the overall performance and bass output. It may be true that quality subwoofers with lower RMS can perform better than poorly selected woofers with higher RMS but the RMS rating most often determines how much beat a subwoofer will reproduce. But let’s take a look what is the RMS rating on a subwoofer in the first place. Read more