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Kicker 10 inch SubwoofersMany people are proponents of larger subwoofers, however, the size itself does not play as much role as you may think. Not that it is not important but most 10 inch subwoofers have enough power to reproduce that pulsating beat. However, it is highly important to pay attention to quality too because a single quality 10 subwoofer can perform better than two poorly selected 12 inch subwoofers. And for that reason it is best to stick to proven brands such as Kicker. If you already owned a Kicker subwoofer before, then you know exactly what I am talking about but if you have not had the chance to hear bass from a Kicker yet, you better prepare yourself because it will blow you away. However, it is necessary to see what are your options because there is a major difference between different models of Kicker 10 inch subwoofers as well.

Kicker 10 inch SoloX has the ability to handle 3,000 watts peak and 1,500 watts RMS, and features the latest Kicker technology. It is really “creme de la creme“. With this model, you can be sure that you will get a good value for your money because no other Kicker 10 inch subwoofer is equipped with so many features or being able to handle so many watts. And no, it is not unaffordable if that is what you are thinking. In fact, it is not that expensive at all considering that you will get the best Kicker 10 inch subwoofer currently available.

Kicker 10 inch Solo-Baric L7 is a great choice if 10 inch SoloX is out of your reach. It easily handles 1,200 watts peak and 600 watts RMS which is still a lot. In addition, it comes with the famous Solo-Baric square design which made Kickers the best subwoofers you can find on the market.

Kicker 10 inch CompVXKicker 10 inch CompVX comes with all the features, power and performance of the 10 inch Solo-Baric L7. The only difference is in the looks - the 10 inch CompVX has the traditional circular shape. Which model to choose is therefore up to your personal preferences because both are an excellent choice although the 10 inch CompVX is slightly less expensive.

Kicker 10 inch Solo Classic is like its name suggests, a Kicker classic. It offers the traditional Kicker performance and the deepest bass you can possibly imagine. This model is really a “kicker“. In can handle 900 watts peak and 450 watts RMS and comes in a circular shape.

Kicker 10 inch Solo-Baric L3 is an alternative to 10 inch Solo-Baric L7 in every aspect including its looks. It utilizes the most advanced Kicker technology providing an exceptionally deep bass and outstanding sound quality. It can handle 800 watts peak and 400 watts RMS which is great for less than half the price of the 10 inch Solo-Baric L7.

Kicker 10 inch CompVT is a great bargain. It handles 800 watts peak and 400 watts RMS, while its slim design allows you to mount it on the rear wall, for instance. If you have a smaller car and would still like to enjoy the distinctive Kicker bass without spending a fortune, then the 10 inch CompVT is an excellent choice.

Kicker 10 inch CompVR is an amazing blend of the traditional Kicker technology and the most recent innovations including those that are found in the famous Solo-Baric models. This model can easily handle 800 watts peak and 400 watts RMS just like the 10 inch CompVT. It is also marked by a compact design which makes it a great choice for smaller cars because it does not take as much storage space. And the best thing about it is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to get the renowned Kicker bass.

Kicker 10 inch CompVR AluminizedKicker 10 inch CompVR Aluminized is worth considering too, especially if you like the 10 inch CompVR because it is virtually identical to the 10 inch CompVR model except that it features aluminized coating. It looks great and the difference in price is negligible. After all, it is not like you are buying a new subwoofer every month or two.

Kicker 10 inch Comp is the least expensive of all Kicker 10 inch subwoofers which, however, does not mean that it is not worth considering. On the contrary, many people who bought this Kicker subwoofer were surprised when they heard how well it performs. So if you think that 300 watts peak and 150 watts RMS is enough, the 10 inch Comp is exactly what you need.

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